Dear Colleagues & Friends, 

International Prostate Forum (IPF) has been organised since 1993 which included scientific talks on prostatic diseases covering prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic infections, surgical advancements and basic science research.

We are pleased to inform you that we will be organising 18th IPF as a virtual meeting on 12 December 2020 Saturday due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. On 13 December 2020 Sunday, we will have a half day poster/oral/video session where accepted studies will be presented and discussed.

We have prepared a very attractive scientific program that we have international speakers. The new information and programme will be announced within a short period of time. 

We expect to see you at the 18th IPF which can be attended and participitated from your hospital, home or wherever you are.  

We wish you, your family and all urology society good health and a bright future. 

Sincerely Yours,

M.Derya Balbay, M.D.

A.Erdem Canda, M.D.
General Secretary

History of International Prostate Forum
Location Date and year Chariman
Houston, TX, USA May 12–13, 1993 Richard Babaian (USA)
Kyoto, Japan July 14–15, 1994 Hiroki Watanabe (Japan)
Istanbul, Turkey June 15–16, 1996 Atif Akdas (Turkey)
Tokyo, Japan July 3–4, 1998 Kiyoki Okada (Japan)
Houston, TX, USA April 27–29, 2000 Richard Babaian (USA)
Antalya, Turkey October 4–5, 2002 Atif Akdas (Turkey)
Tokyo, Japan June 3–4, 2004 Tadaichi Kitamura (Japan)
Hawaii, USA March 4–5, 2006 Richard Babaian (USA)
Izmir, Turkey October 8–10, 2009 Ziya Kirkali (Turkey)
Kyoto, Japan November 18–19, 2011 Tsuneharu Miki (Japan)
Orlando, FL, USA May 18, 2014 John Davis (USA)
New Orleans, LA, USA May 20, 2015 John Davis and Neal Shore (USA)
San Diego, CA, USA May 8, 2016 John Davis (USA)
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus October 7, 2016 Derya Balbay (Turkey)
Boston, MA, USA May 14, 2017 John Davis (USA)
San Francisco, CA, USA May 20, 2018 John Davis (USA)
Tokyo, Japan October 13, 2018 Satoru Takahashi (Japan)